photo: Roemer Overdiep

Professional Outreach

Search engines, recommender systems, and AI in general impact the world. As a consequence, both academic and non-academic professionals have many questions on how AI technologies may best be leveraged to make sense of their data.

I have frequently been invited to speak in public about this subject, and about how these challenges connect to my musician background. Notable appearances include:

  • invited talks at conferences (e.g. 3rd Biennial International Convention of Psychological Science, 14th Dutch-Flemish Research Meeting on Personnel Recruitment and Selection ), student seminars, and other professional events (e.g. Avond Wetenschap en Maatschappij 2017, NEM summit 2019);
  • masterclasses for industry (e.g. Deloitte);
  • interviews in non-academic professional literature (e.g. AG Connect).