Research Themes

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Core interests and values: the ‘PIISTIS’ acronym

What I am standing for as an academic.

Technologies for Horizon Expansion

How to entrust a system with surfacing information that we would not discover by ourselves?

Validation & Validity in Data Science

To what extent can we trust our automated data processing pipelines?

Selected projects

What do we currently borrow in our local public libraries? Is that all there is?

Trustworthy AI in the FinTech sector. Project about to start within the AI4Fintech ICAI lab, in collaboration with the ING bank.

Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives

Big Data in Psychological Assessment

Selected Publications

Currently including a selection of recent publications. More will be added over time!

We should rethink the way we publish academic output. Best practices in open-source software development may hold important keys.

When run ‘in the wild’ by the community, high-level music descriptors may not perform the way they did in the lab.

To what extent can we trust ‘ground truth’ in supervised machine learning to be a reliable oracle?